The Minimal Travelers

Inspring others to live with less & seek more adventures.

The Minimal Travelers are Jason & Tineall. A married couple who gave up their “normal” lifestyle to pursue their long desire of living full-time on the road .

They first began in 2018 camping in their SUV during long weekends and even an adventure out west. Wanting to venture out even more now their plans had to wait til they had something more comfortable for full time living.

September 2020 marked the first month of a new journey. That freedom state of mind quickly took over after each new corner was taken and every new sight was taken in. They soon realized how much nicer it is to enjoy the simpler things in life a little more and take in the everyday moments along the way.

We hope that with sharing our stories and journey it helps to inspire others to go out and explore more. And to show how we live minimally.

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